Sean Bones ::"Easy Street"

I'm in the process of writing a piece on New Yorkers Sam Champion. Now, that's not quite fair. They don't know I'm writing it - but it does concern them. The article is loosely about their commercial and financial failure as a band. Which makes it entirely reasonable that their guitarist, Sean Sullivan, broke away for a solo project called Sean Bones and got himself signed to Frenchkiss this winter. Sam Champion worked for six years to get something like that. It took Sean Sullivan nine months.

It helps that Sean Bones is a dub-stub/reggae, Caribbean explosion. You get shades of Vampire Weekend in 2007 except this won't break nearly as big as that. It's a fun summer record. Like a less commercially-viable, male, cold medicine Santigold. The upstroke guitars are there. The lazy keys, the easy melody, the sense that we listened to Israel Vibration and Burning Spear sometime in the last two weeks - it's the Asher Roth of reggae. Because people will like this. It's not white people liking traditionally black music done by black artists. It's white people liking traditionally black music done by white artists. Call it the Elvis of suburbia. But if this is culturally confusing or insulting - musically it's fun and full of sunshine. So, forget the references and tip your way into June.

Listen :: Sean Bones - "Easy Street"

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He is playing with Action Painters at Mercury Lounge this Thursday. Cool bill.