On The List :: Cut Off Your Hands @ Mercury Lounge [5.8.09]

I caught Cut Off Your Hands 18-months ago in the basement of the Delancey. It was CMJ 2007. They went just before Foreign Born and absolutely leveled the crowd. After the show, they handed me a copy of their EP. It was 11pm. While their guitarist slumped against the wall, sweating profusely, their handler informed him they had just booked another show later that night. In one of my favorite moments of all-time, he looked his manager dead in the face and said, "I am so fucking tired." They agreed to play the show.

Last night was a little different. Perhaps it was a bit more mechanical, if no less energetic. This runs in full on The House List.

The band, sounding like The Futureheads who grew up listening to Morrissey records, followed in time; bassist and guitarist shouting their vocals into their mics. It was only until after the third song that Johonson looked back at the sound board and said, "We're going to need more guitar. And more drums. And more crowd." The last sentence was so quiet, it was almost missed. But it was exactly what he meant: we are going to need more crowd. They launched into "Turn Cold," arguably their second-best song.

Listen :: Cut Off Your Hands - "Turn Cold"

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