32ft West :: New York v. California

We're in an active showdown between New York (where I live) and California (where I've been for a month). Now, putting your minds to rest: I won't be moving to Los Angeles. Great town, nice people, no real complaints; it's just not happening. Now, New York, this doesn't mean I'm entirely pleased with you either. Your weather has been a crap sandwich for the last nine months and I think we could improve some of the general snarkiness, bad attitudes and the hype machine body-slam thing we do. There are things we can learn from LA.

More specifically, the web traffic for the blog has taken an interesting turn. Usually, I stare at a map of the United States and Google colors in the states where people are viewing the blog. The darker the green, the more people who came that month. New York has always been dark green while the rest of the country was a smattering of lighter shades. Well, California is within striking distance of knocking New York out of the top spot for July. Texas, you are a distant third. Still, thank you. So, there are two days left in this crazy experiment and I guess I'll be fired up no matter who comes out on top. Some final thoughts:

1) Los Angeles, thank you for being so welcoming. There are a million little stories I could tell here but just generally, thanks. You know who you are. This is turning into a bad yearbook page.

2) New York, don't think of this month like cheating. I never really thought of leaving you. I just needed some perspective. Perhaps, just a minute to forget your flaws and reaffirm my place in your municipal boundaries. Well, I haven't not thought of you and I've booked concert schedule for August that should reconnect us completely. Did that sound believable? I've been practicing for weeks.

3) Texas: Maybe we'll do Austin next summer. You guys have a lot of heart.

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