Your Twenties :: "Billionaires"

Your Twenties' latest single "Billionaires" has a 25% chance of being the "Kids" of this summer. It's not MGMT's psych-synth rock. In fact, Your Twenties play something slicker and harder to pull off. This is sunshine and slick harmony mixed with a double shot of jet-fuel and a car ripping over a sand dune directly into the ocean. In slow motion. 

For band comparisons: "Billionaires" sounds like Phoenix's "1901" if "1901" had a kept a notebook of writings through high school and college. It's just a little more thoughtful. It's a little bit of The Format and a little bit of The Features' "Blow It Out" (Seriously, the parallels are scary). It's completely controlled bombast. Which is exactly why I'm leaving for California in two days. 

Musically, the reason it will remind you of MGMT's anthem is the instantly singable line of "ooo's" in the chorus. Remember the first time you heard the snotty synth-riff from "Kids?" Those ten notes that were non-negotiably going to be stuck in your head. "Billionaires" has the same quality; perfect for mindless singing and moving around. Sign us up. Enjoy your weekend. Happy almost birthday, America. 


Abbey said...

Man great call on the parallel to the Features' "Blow it Out." Really hope that Your Twenties takes off stateside!

32feet said...

Yeah, a friend of ours caught Your Twenties in Paris a few nights ago and wasn't blown away. But they were on the same bill as The xx. Aside from the unsettling Features' similarity on this tune I love the band.