Why? :: "This Blackest Purse"

Why? is dropping their second record with lead track "This Blackest Purse." It's a little bit of late Yo La Tengo. It's a thoughtful, Charlie Brown piano-riff set in direct opposition with a graveled vocal. The hurt doesn't come until the chorus when the question: " Mom, am I failing or worse?" is delivered with a finishing kick. It would foolish to speculate what the narrative in the "Blackest Purse" holds. But, in the second verse, we get, "I want to speak at an intimate decibel/with the precision of an infinite decimal." If this doesn't get you - if this doesn't get you a little bit - well, I don't think you can be gotten.

Listen :: Why? - "This Blackest Purse"

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deadbands said...

This dude went to my high school.