Arms :: "Tiger Tamer"

I swapped out laptops today meaning I lost every play count, every playlist, even my tried-and-true system of arranging my music by "Date Imported." In essence, I've been asked to encounter my music library anew, an unfamiliar organization, no sense of time and space. This is as disorienting and stupid as I'm making it sound but practically speaking, it means that I'm dealing with an alphabetized music library for the first time in months. This means I'm in the "A's." Arms' "Tiger Tamer" is an urgent piece of indie-rock with a spaced-out, wide-open concluding movement. The band, featuring Todd from the Harlem Shakes, dropped their debut record, Kids Aflame two weeks ago. It's exactly the organization I need while this thing gets put back together.

Listen :: Arms - "Tiger Tamer"
Listen :: Arms - "Kids Aflame"

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