the Swimmers :: "Shelter"

Sometimes claustrophobia isn't a bad thing. The feeling of being suffocated at least means something or someone is close to you. Without a fabric of personal relationships, work engagements and responsibilities we might never feel connected to anything. However, when this fabric is pulled over our mouths and every inch of our lives is closing in, it's easy to feel like these connections are a personal prison (body is a cage?). Consider this the beginning of a claustrophobic week.

Out of what I think is Philadelphia, the Swimmers have a light bit of synth-rock with a title about finding a demarcated place inside ourselves to hide out for awhile. So when the world presses in, dig inside yourself, get a little smaller and hole up in your new shelter. If the world won't move, shrink down and create some space inside yourself. The pressing outside just means you're awake and alive but it can absolutely wait.

Listen :: the Swimmers - "Shelter"

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