Sam Billen :: "Different Lives"

Sam Billen is certain that he and a certain someone will meet again someday. These are his words, not mine and they might be a little cloying. The narrative structure of the echoing electro-pop of "Different Lives" isn't anything aching complex. Boy meets girl. Boy moves out of poisonous urban area to something rural and quaint with girl. Boy and girl stay up all night writing music. If only the movie ended there.

And this is where I'm filling in some of the gaps: Girl decides this is nice but not necessarily where she pictured herself at 25. She questions where this relationship is going. Boy fosters all the usual explanations. Boy says they're meant to be together. Girl furrows her brow and looks kind of sorry. Girl moves away. Boy is completely miserable. Girl spends gratuitous time "finding herself." Boy eventually and inexplicably defends these choices using phrases like, "her journey" and "different lives." Girl thinks twice about boy because it's not like he was Goebbels or something. Boy has largely moved on but still, as Billen says, is certain he will meet girl again. Girl doesn't think about these things unless she is alone. Boy makes electro-pop record. We'll assume the girl never hears it.

Listen :: Sam Billen - "Different Lives"
Listen :: Sam Billen - "Made Concrete" (Republic Tigers cover)

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