Stricken City :: "Small Things"

There is a thin line between suggestion and ultimatum. We've all been a part of a suggestions that are more than just requests and we've all been part of ultimatums with no punch. A few months ago, we sort of asked that you listen to Stricken City. Well, now we're demanding it. Since this is all happening over the Internet, this would qualify as a demand with no punch. But when you're dealing with a shimmering, thudding post-punk record like Stricken City's Songs About People I Know, I would rather traffic in unenforceable ultimatums than equally unpowerful requests. "Small Things" doesn't follow the strictest song-structure but after milling around in a few different melodies, it finds itself as a wailing, surging, pointed anthem in the final 90-seconds. Somewhere between an ask and a tell, Stricken City is a command you can't possibly enforce. But it is way more than suggested.

Listen :: Stricken City - "Small Things"

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