[Elevator] GROUP :: "Colours"

From the outset GROUP's lead singer, Christian Zucconi, is insistant that he is just like you. This is the final couplet of an opening lyric that describes himself as "a man, man, man/up, up, up in the air." Zucconi is slicing a little bit of magic realism as he tells a story where he gets to fly with the planets and still ask for understanding.

Tweaking like a late Modest Mouse record, or at times like a more acoustic, folksy Silversun Pickups, GROUP deliver a propulsive, stomping, instantly catchy anthem with "Colours." The song has two distinct movements, with an E-string bridge in the middle, the second-half relying on the lyric, "We call it ... life." Zucconi, over-layed with a delicate female vocal, wails into the sky before reinsisting, "yeah, we call it ... LIFE!" It's one of those, "this is everything" moments where you, quite reasonably, feel like your heart might pop. GROUP pleads they're just like us but they suggest something different - a place in the sky where elevation is just part of the process. It really ain't that bad. We call it life.

Listen :: GROUP - "Colours" [mediafire]

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