Hooray For Earth :: "Surrounded By Your Friends"

Hooray For Earth's "Surrounded By Your Friends" opens with the humming, buzzy synths that seem to be everywhere, an odd, temperate familiarity. It is certainly a bit of sonic warmth to go with the lyrics, "I'm walking in and greeting with a smile." After this opening gesture, and beyond the blue-collar synth stabs, the arrangement is all backing vocals, crystalline keyboards and the kind of sound that it occurs to me now might only descend on us from above. Lyrically, the band doesn't stray from the fundamental concepts of the title and the opening couplet, suggesting, perhaps obviously, that in the end you're surrounded by your friends. Despite the lack of a topical nuance, the melody is undeniably infected with something catching, a mixture of longing and oikos, like a long camera shot as the credits roll in a movie you suspect you were cast in on purpose.

Listen :: Hooray For Earth - "Surrounded By Your Friends"

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