The Lodger :: "The Back Of My Mind"

Albums seem to develop unique complexes based on the order in which they were conceived. Like children, the eldest, and in this case the first, is often the most raw, the closest to real, perhaps the boldest statement. But the first record frequently shows flaws, flaws parents attempt to address or cover on the second album. This leads to trouble, an over-parented album, hell-bent on being different than the first or, worse still, too concerned with repeating in exactness the fundamental successes and legacy of the elder. By the third child, the youngest, the parents have their rap down but aren't terribly interested in imposing their artistic will in the same measure. The third child can be a disaster or she can be brilliant; she certainly has greater freedom to do either.

Bands are these parental curators and the records are their display case children. Meaning, for The Lodger, a band out of Leeds, their third record, Flashbacks, will be undeniably different than the previous two. Historically, The Lodger has been a purveyor of shiny, major-key pop. Some of that remains but the guitars are less concerned with clarity and perfection, finding their sound layered and, at times, buzzing. Lead track, "The Back Of My Mind" calls on the same territory as Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (In fairness, the band refers readers to Orange Juice and The Jam as their main influences). It is a very minor risk, but a risk that comes with time, a little more freedom and a feeling that, well, the other two turned out fine; we can take some chances here. Brilliant.

Listen :: The Lodger - "The Back Of My Mind"

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