LCD Soundsystem :: "Pow Pow" [Live @ Webster Hall 4.12.10]

"Pow Pow" is a slinky, hi-hat heavy jam of LCD Soundsystem's new record This Is Happening, and was debuted live on Monday night at Webster Hall. With no exaggeration, it was the best live show this writer has been to since the Arcade Fire, storm-the-stage show at United Palace in 2007. Murphy's "Pow Pow" is about the death-sounds of cultural relativism, "there's advantages to both/there's advantages to each," he intones with a completely straight face. But this is his judgement of an unjudgemental, lazy age. As Murphy finally erupts, "On this occasion there are couple of things that we know of to report from Fact Magazine: One, the king wears a king-hat and lives in a king-house. Two, your time will come but tonight is our night, so you should give us all your drugs. Three, we have a black president and you do not. So, shut up. You don't know shit about where I'm from that you didn't learn from TV."

http://vimeo.com/10894113 from Jaime's Weekly Concert Alert on Vimeo.

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