Apex Manor :: "Under The Gun"

Out of the ashes of the Broken West, Ross Flournoy moved out of Silverlake and into Pasadena. And then his car broke down and he was poking around the house, dying in the suburbs and (now these are his words) drinking tall boys with the gardeners. Suffering stasis and writer's block, at some point the pressure didn't break him, despite what the title of first single, "Under The Gun" might indicate. Instead, under the name Apex Manor, Flournoy churned out a new batch of songs, The Year of Magical Drinking, due after the first of the year on Merge. "Under The Gun" listens like a Wolf Parade demo that lost its way in the wilderness, found a major highway and asked to drive your car into a jersey barrier. Wild, but quite directed, Apex Manor has a pounding aesthetic and a penchant big moments, suburban boredom ripped into a million fracturing pieces.

Listen :: Apex Manor - "Under The Gun"

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