[CMJ] US Royalty :: "Equestrian"

US Royalty are one of those mercurial acts that you weren't quite sure would take off as big as their music sounds; at times unclear if they were flying or falling. In a past moment of revealing clarity, their lead singer confessed to me that they had forgotten to promote the show they had just played at Mercury Lounge. No matter, forty minutes earlier, Noah and I walked into as explosive a set of songs as you can find in a room with only twenty other people. This was the show, and maybe the band, that promotion forgot. Maybe it was because their music was never particularly interested in one aesthetic or another, the type of driving rock music that drew from a wide catalogue of influences and earnestly pursued elevating moments. On latest single, "Equestrian," off debut full length, Mirrors, they sound more spatial, like a hybrid of Local Natives and the early-career Kings of Leon hooks that fueled their EPs. The song reaches a spinning conclusion in its final minute, riding to the top of the sky to melt on their wax wings. This is, of course, better than dying on the ground.

Listen :: US Royalty - "Equestrian"

US Royalty play official CMJ  on Friday night, in addition to a Steve Allen In-Store on Thursday and the Robert St. James Party at the Red Bull Space on Saturday night.


Unknown said...

Hi, i dont want to sound rude, however if you follow up on highsnobiety or selectism you would have seen the Gant Rugger adverts a good two months ago, and they used Us Royalty Equestrian as the song in one of there adverts, so this is a bit late for a music blog. I dont write a music blog myself and I mean no disrespect at all. It's just if i heard this song a few months ago and i m not a music blogger i was hoping to find newer songs.

32feet said...

Hey Ginger, no insult or rudeness in play. The post was more about this song in light of their forthcoming album and the CMJ shows. We're always looking to provide the newest music possible. Next week we're posting on a band that hasn't even formed yet. You decide if that's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Love this track, new favorite band maybe? Thanks for the tip.