Failed Novelist :: "Love Like A Knife"

Only a project so perfectly shabby, so rye, so unannoyingly ironic would call itself Failed Novelist. The creation of Luke Dsico, "Love Like A Knife" shimmers like a 70s dance cut with vocals that evoke a more sultry Casiotone For The Painfully Alone or a sexy Dominant Legs. The lyrical motif, "hey, baby," siezes attention like two blinks and a stare from across a crowded room. The name implies some kind of alternate dream, the artistic shrug of a man who set out to be a write and ended up making music, but that blinking stare comes with a wink. While Luke Dscio might like you to think this was an accident, the crafting is too delicate for that to be true. It just might not be as cool to call your band Underappreciated Musician.

Listen :: Failed Novelist - "Love Like A Knife"
Listen :: Failed Novelist - "Tangled"

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