Wolf Gang - "Lions In Cages"

Wolf Gang suggested a dense potential from the first Max McElligot demos to hit the Internet two springs ago. With an uncanny sense of melody, he attracted the interest of major label scouts, eventually signing with Atlantic records who funded a wildly isolated recording process in upstate New York. Of course, in the interim, he unleashed single after single of a style of pop that is both old old fashioned and absolutely new. As an English sentence, this is what The Police would sound like if Kate Bush wrote their songs and they had spent their formative years in post 9/11 Montreal listening to Arcade Fire records. With reshaped and re-recorded single, "Lions In Cages" debuting yesterday, McElligot is officially the fully-rendered version of himself that he only sketched 18-months ago. Try not to stare.

Wolf Gang - Lions In Cages by radarmaker

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noah said...

Expectations: exceeded.