All Tiny Creatures - "An Iris" [Feat. Justin Vernon]

On All Tiny Creatures latest LP, Harbors, out this past Tuesday, the band continues to craft some of the best hushed, chamber pop available. "An Iris" roots in a spinning guitar loop and ethereal, sailing vocals with, of course, an assist from Bon Iver/Volcano Choir genius Justin Vernon. It is driving and propulsive without necessarily trying to be, finding a certain beauty in repetition or expansion on a theme; the kind of thing you've been listening to for 3:33 and it easily could have been a not unpleasant hour. Heads nod unconsciously, you strain to make out the lyrics. Mix Loney, Dear with shades of UK super-producer Clock Opera and you'll arrive at a soft little center All Tiny Creatures have found inside all this chaos. They embrace a certain cacophony, though they've rubbed the sharp edges from it and commanded it into rhythm. A cocoon, a compass - choose the image - but it is something shimmering and sensible floating on the deck of a surging sea.

Listen :: All Tiny Creatures - "An Iris" [Feat. Justin Vernon]
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