BOAT :: "Landlocked" [Feat. John Roderick]

Some of the finest indie rock music of the past decade was released by John Roderick, the former or continued (this depends on who you ask) frontman of the band the Long Winters. Writing and playing in the Seattle area, Roderick here offers his vocals to BOAT's "Landlocked", certainly one of the heirs to his generation of whip-smart power-pop. The shabby sheen is intentional as the duet spins everyman lyrics in the verses about hiding from the landlord and being a waste of space at your dead-end job. All of this slams back into a chorus, reimagined, with BOAT and Roderick insisting with a wink, that "you really should be smiling." They recognize we don't feel much like it. The lyrics are about paralysis, but that doesn't come close to shuttering the final movement. Appropriately, BOAT's fourt and latest LP, Dress Like Your Idols, with its homage-driven cover art is out today.

Listen :: BOAT - "Landlocked" [Feat. John Roderick]

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