YACHT :: "Dystopia"

Never having been any special fan of YACHT, there was considerable confusion about his newest release Shangri-La on DFA this summer. Questionable was meeting credible. Despite all of Jona's documented exuberance, none of his songs caught my attention, perhaps owing to the fact that he opened for LCD Soundsystem at Webster Hall one night in 2007 and danced around alone to an iPod while the crowd kind of watched and kind of thought he sucked. Hours later Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash would be viciously thrown into the scorer's table by the Spurs' Robert Horry, or, roughly what it felt like to listen to YACHT's set. With little reason to think of the band in the intervening years - despite my fond memory of the rest of that evening - they were an effective non-entity to me. All this leads to "Dystopia", the first look at Jona's DFA debut, a song with enough fun to explode all my rational or irrational negativity. It gives hints of the apocalypse and the end of everything. So, during the same week that James Murphy officially moves from being a recording artist to a label suit, let's spend some time with a kid that he's just begun working with. The old world always has to die. The question is, what gets built on the ashes? Jona puts it more simply, "the earth, the earth is on fire." And here, there may be second chances in what is being lost.

Listen :: YACHT - "Dystopia"

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