Work Drugs :: "Sunset Junction"

In the fluid first moments of Work Drugs' "Sunset Junction", the backing vocals whisper the band's name. The way it's framed, we are unsure of the comma use or the construction. Is it an insistant command, "Work, Drugs!"? Or is it a proper noun, narcotics for employment purposes only, "Work Drugs"? Or, most confusing, it could be constructed in reverse as prescription and endorsment, "Drugs Work". Largely, this debate is lost in a sea of echoing guitars and occasional steel drums, which the band's Tom Crystal tells us were inspired by a trip out west, presumably to the part of East LA where Sunset Junction is both an intersection, a yearly music festival, and a methodology all its own. It is the edge of the American universe. The narcotic imagery is just that, imagery, as the sun slips below the western sky and you, Western youth, realize you have run out of country. The rest is just water.

Sunset Junction by Work Drugs

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