All The Colors We Have :: An 8tracks Mix

This has been our summer of returning to the idea of the mixtape. We couldn't bring ourselves to name it, "All The Colours We Have" a direct tribute to the GROUPLOVE lyric which launches this mix, but the rest are all songs with a color in the title (or with the British spelling of "color" in the title, which is more popular than we realized), and no shade is repeated. "Blue" is easy, so is "red"; there are even more songs with "black" in the title, even it not being a real color. The trouble is the others. What is the best song you own with the word, "yellow" in the title? What about "Green", "Purple", or our furthest reach, "Golden"?  Long used as the emotional paintbrush, these are the best songs in our collection that make use of this type imagery. Drawn from the Decemberists, Yo La Tengo, California Wives, Clap Your Hands, and a bunch of others, the spectrum, like that of reflected light, is enormous and yet totally discrete.

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