Dreamers Of The Ghetto :: "Tether"

Yesterday afternoon, we received a promo of the very excellent debut album, Enemy/Lover from Dreamers Of The Ghetto. Out this fall, it is simply one of the best debut records you'll hear in 2011. Stunning in its sense of scale, the band proves masters of leaving enough space in their arrangements to fashion them into booming caverns, playgrounds for their trademarked gravel vocals. The album closes with the spare and beautiful, "Tether", a seven-and-a-half minute slam that finally finds a guitar down stroke, washing synths and an edict, "It's just another door." It starts at 3:48, the guitars gently stripping away, as the drum kit pounds like someone carrying too much weight up a gentle incline. Then the guitars turn, fashioning a rhythm out of the same chord, and this is where the arrangement finds its wings, these repeated motions becoming an architecture for huge synth chords and the finally tally, a yelled, "It's just another door." The implication is all these openings were for naught, all this space just lead to more room, more gates to pass through. Unless, you suppose that this next door, at the end of their first album, implies something all together different. That this is just the enormous beginning.

Listen :: Dreamers Of The Ghetto - "Tether"

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yo mama said...

WOW, we liked that. Keep up the good work, Ann and Hal in Texas