The Moor :: "Warm Winter"

Finding a seat between Beach House and Warpaint on the team bench for far away feeling pop, The Moor make their entry into your hearts with their debut, self-titled record, out this Tuesday. Lead promotional track, "Warm Winter" that has all the sickly, unsettled feeling of one of those out of place February days where the temperature climbs into the low 60s and everyone wonders if the world slipped officially off its axis. It is, of course, never quite so drastic. The cold returns but, here, before it can, the chorus is a charming pop daisy, replete with backing vocals and a clapping beat. The vocals are that female type that whisper close to your ear, and yet feel like they could be thousands of miles away, buried under wax paper microphone, reverb and a reference to butterflies that you'll either catch or you won't.

Warm Winter by themoor

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