Steel Phantoms :: "Bedouin"

The first thought is, "Close To Me". It's not your fault either, the first ten seconds of Steel Phantoms' "Bedouin" are an absolute dead ringer for the Cure original. Of the next nearly five minutes the easiest comparison is last year's Hooded Fang record, an amalgam of string pizzicato building to a sprawling plateau of a chorus and the instantly memorable, "Everybody goes away." The path from the first refrain to the last is circuitous, featuring what feels like two straight bridges laid back to back. You will return to the warmth of the guitars - very nearly out of the Vampire Weekend catalog - in the last chorus, this one imbued with a sense of urgency that trumps even the languid vocals and all the lazy progress it took to get here. After all, this is song about getting a little bit lost.

Listen :: Steel Phantoms - "Bedouin"

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