Carter Tanton :: "Horrorscope"

It isn't the words, you think, it's the space between them. It isn't the sounds, it's the timing of the silence that matters. For Carter Tanton, formerly of indie rock outfit Tulsa, it isn't the guitar fuzz, a four-on-the-floor cacophony, that makes "Horrorscope", it is the ability for all that noise to allow for something at the interstices. The arrangement explodes into chiming breakdowns, momentary respites from a melody that never feels like it totally has its sea legs, the kind of song that moves relentlessly forward because it fears what lies behind. Maybe it sounds like early Ryan Adams fronting a shoegaze outfit, but the focus is still the dynamic. The last second is most revealing. Tanton, instruments sucked away in an instant, stands alone on a note before the whole thing runs away over the edge. And, like that, it's gone.

Listen :: Carter Tanton - "Horrorscope"
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