Luke Temple :: "More Than Muscle"

Frontman of synth purveyors Here We Go Magic, Luke Temple allows himself a different group of references on solo record, Don't Act Like You Don't Care. Apathy, addressed directly in the title, seems to run in the opposite direction of track two, "More Than Muscle" with its endearing chorus and wistful keys. The central implication regards how it will be more than a feat of historic strength to right some of our wrongs. The sound is lush in that way that feels nostalgic, bits of chirping guitars occasionally interjecting to suppose something that is between Generationals' "When They Fight, They Fight" and the isolated, art-rock triumph of "Stillness Is The Move". Temple doesn't specify what tools we will need beyond physical selves, perhaps a positivist spin on the album title - yes, caring despite its creepiness might be necessary - all wrapped such a breezy jam about the moment before you figure it all out.

Listen :: Luke Temple - "More Than Muscle"

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