Keegan DeWitt :: "Colour"

A glossy bit of racing fun, Keegan DeWitt's "Colour" is relentless in its pursuit of something; the question is what? Brief color metaphors (pedantic, we know) add the weight to the chorus, but it seems as if the focus is less on our relationship to imagery, and more one the caustic, distant relationship we have to one another. The most memorable line is the rapid fire, "I hate the way we're speaking to each other", and it seems that DeWitt gets maximum mileage out of rhymes surrounding the word "other", nearly out of breath with the urgency of healing this gap between each other, the other, one another. The final 40 seconds are a glittering array of guitars and spitting drums, a final act that is neither reflective of what DeWitt calls the "black shadow at the center of love", nor our desire to kill each other that he blithely mentions in the refrain. It would be dark stuff if it didn't feel so damn aspirational, alive with the desire to crunch the distance between people, real and imagined, into an explosive pop song about how we talk to one another. Don't stop.

Listen :: Keegan Dewitt :: "Colour"

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