Passion Pit album preview/Ra Ra Riot remix

Passion Pit might be awful and they might be awesome. I've listened to the EP. I saw their residency at Piano's. I've recommended the music to people. But it's hard to tell what will become of the band. Put another way: in two years, will I still be listening to their tunes or thinking, "hell, 2008 was a weird year and we were voting yes on anything with synths and can you really blame us?"

Luckily, we live in a world with portable cameras and embedded video. Why wait until the album comes out to have feelings about it? You can have those feelings right now! Better yet, Passion Pit is working with the children's choir from PS22 and the small samples of the tracks (rough cuts too) sound pretty over the top. And I mean that as a compliment. It sounds like the EP is growing into something big and potentially valuable.

The producer says they're trying to make something big enough to "crush the hype" like it was some sort of paper skyscraper. Meanwhile, lead-singer Michael Angelakos talks about how "children's voices" inspired him to make "Sleepyhead." This after he said he wrote the EP for his girlfriend on Valentine's day. Our emotions, officially being played with. Is it possible to hate love, bells, and the sound of children's voices? Yes, but the hype-scraper is getting dynamite loaded in the basement and the backlash machine is about to be crash-tested into a brick wall. So, let's stay on board. This band is going to blow our minds. Say it with me. Disappointment, averted. 2009, planned.

Listen :: Ra Ra Riot - "Ghost Under Rocks" [Passion Pit Mix]

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