Two Door Cinema Club :: "Something Good Can Work" and "Undercover Martyn"

If you had to pick a band out of the north of Ireland to make it big this year, it would be Two Door Cinema Club. Well, that's not quite fair. You could replace "north of Ireland" with "European continent" or even "potential signees to XL or Gigantic records." The indie rock world could lay down at their feet. Or it might not. But the fact is, if Two Door Cinema Club doesn't blow up, it won't be because they're not good. That's a triple negative.

The sound is equal parts lighthearted guitar-riffs out of the Paul Simon school and processed beats out of the catalogue of the Postal Service. The attack is two guitarists, a bassist and an iPod. It's the 21st century version of a band. But it works. Take "Undercover Martyn," a song that swings wildly from plaintive strumming to twirling, head-shaking riffs and melody. The guitars drunkenly pitch and wail in a chorus that thrives in the song's blinking, seizure-ready video. This is Vampire Weekend meets Magistrates. This is flinching colors and flashing lights. This is what you should be listening to.

"Undercover Martyn"

As a bonus, we're throwing in the demo for "Something Good Can Work;" a tune, ostensibly about the success of success. It's a little more meditative but that would be like saying caffeine is a slightly more reflective version of amphetamine. It still moves and the chorus sails over the top of everything like an air-mailed cut-off throw. It's rich and it's easy. And if any band out of the north of Ireland should make it this year, it should be this one.

Listen :: Two Door Cinema Club - "Something Good Can Work"


Anonymous said...

You're right, cool as shit. I hope these guys hit the big time. Thanks for the heads up.


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new band. new song. twist band. twist song.