Wolf Gang :: "Pieces Of You"

We wrote up Wolf Gang back at the beginning of March. We predicted that they would blow up this year or next. While it's hard to predict an exact timetable for success, new single "Pieces of You" is certainly a step towards that eventuality.

First, the minuses. The recording quality is still low. We'll imagine this is intentional or maybe necessary. We'll imagine that at some point, someone will give these guys enough money to clean up the recordings. Remember the first Black Kids' demos? They showed promise but sounded like they were recorded in a bathtub. Wolf Gang, for all its ambitious sound and arrangement, will need to clean up their records. Bear this in mind when one of your friends plays you an over-produced version of this song (or another by the band) in 9-months. This is the fun part. You were there at the beginning ... sort of.

The pluses: This song is great - really great. Wolf Gang is perfectly lush and flourishing, while never losing momentum. The verses have a no-nonsense down-beat and the chorus is soaring. The lyrics: "You think that you understand/I've got pieces of you in my hands" don't do justice to the sweeping melody which might be one of the best of 2009. Let me put it simply: if you're not listening to this now, you're doing yourself a disservice. I don't ask for a lot. Listen to this.

Listen :: Wolf Gang - "Pieces of You"

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