The Local Natives :: "Sun Hands"

The Local Natives are the kids we used as our SXSW math problem all those months ago. We speculated that, against all the economic and mathematical odds, they could make it. We used Rogue Wave as a comparison and we're not backing away from it, though this band is far more collaborative than the Zach Rogue All Stars.

They played the Bowery this past Friday and though I couldn't make the show, I'm absolutely positive they crushed it. Considering the band drove (by their own admission) nearly 24-straight hours to get to the East Coast - you don't come that far not to light some worlds on fire. Label interest continues to be high and new single "Sun Hands" is out on Chess Club Records. It is their most unstable (and I mean that as a compliment) arrangement yet. The scream comes in the middle as the band comes together to insist: "and when I cannot feel with my sun hands/I promise not to lose her again."

There is a pause, slight, before a didactic guitar line explodes into the second-half. If you can picture 800 heads nodding in motion, you'll imagine your way into the shows these guys will be having in 6-months time. See you in the winter and keep your hands warm, kids.

Listen :: The Local Natives - "Sun Hands"

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