Throw Me The Statue :: "Ancestors"

I don't have mixed feelings about Throw Me The Statue. The kid is ridiculously talented and got his music licensed just about everywhere. If you're scoring at home, that's a combination of precociousness and creativity and straight cash. It helps that for those of us paying attention, he's closest to making a Neutral Milk Hotel record that we're going to get in the next five years.

Using the Neutral Milk barometer, this is less "Aeroplane Over The Sea" and more "Holland 1945." It has an edge to it. "Ancestors" has a dominant lead-bass riff, which turns angry-as-hell during the verses. You can almost hear the bass guitar muttering and fuming to itself as the lyrics ("we were having such flagrant fun") sail out like a case for oxymoronic juxtaposition. If the vocals were anything less than intimate and hushed, this song would be certifiably angry.

As it stands, "Ancestors" washes more introspective than furious. And that accounts for the wailing post-punky guitars in the chorus - which is, for the record, absolutely fantastic. Really, really fantastic. This is as anthemic as Throw Me The Statue is going to get. Which, makes him the king of carrot flowers. Part three.

Listen :: Throw Me The Statue - "Ancestors"

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Anonymous said...

Yes! This is a great track from a band that typically ooZes songwriting skills. Psyched to have this for summer for sure.