32 Feet West :: That's how it starts.

The blog is moving to Los Angeles for the month of July. Consequently, I will also be moving to Los Angeles for the month of July. We're calling the project 32ft West. It is an experiment and it will be a minor miracle if we make it back alive. In many ways this changes nothing. In some ways, it changes everything.

If you think of something we absolutely can't miss in LA, let me know. It's a big city with an allegedly cool scene. I don't know it very well. I am here to learn.

If you're an LA band and think we might like to come check you out, let me know.

If you work in the music industry (you know who you are) and want to do stuffy meetings in your cool-looking offices, let me know. I'm just kidding. The offices aren't that cool. Again, jokes. Ha.

We leave July 5th. Pick your brains when you get a minute. We'll be at 32feet(at)gmail.com

Listen :: The Decemberists - "Los Angeles, I'm Yours"

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