Kittens Ablaze :: "Doom Gloom Buttercups"

A note: You'll need to find some headphones and your volume knob. You will need to put one of those on and turn the other one up - I assume you'll be able to figure which is which.

Brooklyn's Kittens Ablaze sound absolutely nothing like burning felines but sound like an entire urban-center, set to burn with accelerants introduced at the critical moment for maximum heat and disorder. Sonically speaking, you're dealing with a roughed-around Ra Ra Riot. The guitars sound like early demo Airborne Toxic Event; wide-open and propulsive with a self-conscious shabbiness. The strings offer a melodic component, for if they were replaced by more guitars this would sound like a Built to Spill cover band. With obvious influences on their sleeves, the band remains unconcerned with comparison, setting their view-finders on the sing-along portion of the evening, with fists firmly raised and emotions appropriately moving in one direction or another. A band can only move you if you let yourself be moved. This is why you'll need the headphones and the volume. So at the 2:59 mark, let yourself feel something. It's there to be felt.

Listen :: Kittens Ablaze - "Doom Gloom Buttercups"

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