Shout Out Louds :: "Walls"

Two years ago, I heard the Shout Out Louds were breaking up. At the time, I was preaching the gospel of their second-record, Our Ill Wills, with such ferocity that a narrative movement like a break-up seemed not just inconceivable - it was flat wrong. Of course, in the grand spirit of the hype machine, no such break up was afoot. It was something else. Shout Out Louds frontman, Adam Olenius, a Jason Schwartzman upgrade, went to Australia and parked himself in a one-room apartment to write a follow-up while the rest of the band recouped in Sweden. It wasn't like the band divorced, they just separated for awhile.

The third record, Work, is set for release in February of next year. But Olenius' work is all ready for consumption. The first song leaked, "Walls" is certainly not the first single but it is a first look. Of course, the whispering, confiding vocals remind us that, yes, it is a Shout Out Louds record. The urgent drums remind us of the more bombastic end of the Cure comparisons that colored the band's first two releases. Ultimately, this is not the final movement for the band. Just a first look at the next thing. And for the fears of 24-months ago, that is just enough.

Listen :: Shout Out Louds - "Walls"

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