300th Post :: Free Energy :: "Something In Common"

This is our 300th post. Honestly, we never thought we would make it this far. Thanks to everyone who went to shows with us, wrote something, put us on the list for something, sent us a record, sent us a note, sent us songs, left a comment or even just spent time on the site. It is greatly appreciated and makes this whole weird experiment worthwhile. Thank you, thank you. We have, hopefully, something in common.

Free Energy is descending on the music world like the promise of "cold fusion" in Val Kilmer's seminal and apparently unironic movie, The Saint. That is to say, in a few months time, everyone is going to want this record and (by analogy) there are a variety of forces seeking to control its power. With the latest mp3 leak, "Something In Common," Free Energy have formalized what we've known since the summer: This classic rock sound doesn't sound a bit dishonest and it's going to move you. People are going to want this album. If you've seen the band, the song they're closing their sets with is even better. So, in an effort to protect yourself and others, download this and wait for the next move. The band's debut album, Stuck on Nothing drops January 26, 2010 and was produced by James Murphy.

Listen :: Free Energy - "Something In Common"


Unknown said...

post number 300, well done gravity man.

32feet said...

thanks, sach.