Wolf Gang :: "The King And All Of His Men" (Kid Adrift remix)

Wolf Gang's shimmering single, "The King And All Of His Men" is one best songs of the year. Kid Adrift is one of the newest and most talented DJs and remixers on the UK scene. I don't have to do the math for you. Kid Adrift turned his ear and hand to Wolf Gang's source and the product, while not exceeding the original, is a new and crushing take on the same chord-progression. The remix is bent on creating a buzzing, slow-ride, club-ready version of the track, in the same way that MTV's Jersey Shore is making the Real World-franchise slightly less-credible, but infinitely more fun. This might not be for the mixtape you're making for the girl who returns your calls periodically, but it might be perfect for the second-half of your holiday party when the ceiling fan, the floor below, falls straight out of the plaster.

Listen :: Wolf Gang - "The King And All Of His Men" (Kid Adrift remix)

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noah said...

really like the ending