AgesandAges :: "No Nostalgia"

Like the combined works of Carl Newman, the progressive group folk of AgesandAges manages to breathlessly synthesize influences without sounding particularly pedantic or too heavily footnoted. On the perhaps ironic, "No Nostalgia", the band, a seven-piece from Portland, channels leading guitar lines and some intentionally shabby - though nonetheless indebted - versions of the group harmonies that can still work the Mamas and the Papas into a playlist of songs for a serious mixtape. The unrushed tempo, the funk of a twisting guitar, and the only barely restrained (or do I mean organized?) exuberance all add up to something that will have you drumming your fingers on a local inanimate object. The keyboard is the final New Pornographers give away, playfully referencing a soon to be contemporary and breaking just enough new ground.

Listen :: AgesandAges - "No Nostalgia"

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