Little Scream :: "The Heron and the Fox"

In 1977, NASA launched the second Voyager mission into deep space. One of the loneliest moments in the history of science, the craft did not intend on returning, only to broadcast for as long as it could and then silently carry certain contents to anyone who might find them. On board was a golden record, not coincidentally the title of Little Scream's debut album. The golden record of the Voyager mission contained the sounds of earth: animals, running water, language, laughter, what Carl Sagan would call, "a message in a bottle on a great ocean." Little Scream, sounding an awful lot like Jenny Lewis on downers, with help from Aaron Dessner of the National, sets out to frame this moment of the Voyager's unrequited quest. It was an unmanned mission, a little ball of tin foil and circuits hurtling through the planets, carrying the documented proof of life on earth in the hope that someone might find it and begin to understand us. At some point a few years ago, it passed Pluto and kept moving. The darkness certainly dilated around the craft; its cargo so arbitrary and yet so important, its mission so dutifully performed and so solitary in nature.

Listen :: Little Scream - "The Heron and the Fox"

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Tiana Feng said...

love that you talk about Canadian music too :D. This is one of my fav new records of the year.