Color Radio :: "Quiet House"

The risk in making big, atmospheric rock songs is falling just short of orbit. Fill your ambition with jet fuel - or maybe it's the other way around - and try to get your bird in the air. Chicago's Color Radio, a pair of brothers from Mexico City now turned into a driving four-piece, aren't necessarily daunted by the challenge of having "Quiet House" get the nose up over the skyline and turning the arrangement toward something perpendicular. The chorus, one of those thrashing savageries with its edict, "They're breakin' in", said twice for emphasis, rises under its own power, a punching rhythm section and big shoegazing guitars. The backing vocals slide up a third and the feeling is the first half of a parabola but without the irritating comedown. The final seconds are a chiming reward and an unmistakeable feeling of weightlessness, we assume, right before the fall.

Listen :: Color Radio - "Quiet House"

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