Gauntlet Hair :: "Keep Time"

 The new tribes aren't the face painted kids of the concert festival circuit. A streak of blue and red on your cheeks doesn't make you a Wild Thing anymore than wearing a bandanna encouraged your parents to change the world during the Nixon years. No, these new villages are groups of kids that dance, aesthetics aside, and yelp and shimmy in place without thinking too hard about it. The sounds are underground, reverb heavy and buried in a backyard swimming pool. Gauntlet Hair add a clap track, as they are wont to do, on "Keep Time", the bombastic opener from their coming LP. The scope and breadth are stunning, a cacophony that holds desperately to coherence, or maybe a narrative structure newly disinterested in following a linear path. These are the hymns of the next thing, anxious and uncomfortable, driving and lost, ripping and humming in time.

Gauntlet Hair "Keep Time" by DOJAGSC

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