Youth Lagoon :: "Afternoon"

The wistful electronic pop climbs out of your speakers like a Sunday morning, instantly private and familiar. Youth Lagoon, another excellent member of the Lefse family, opens his recently BNM'd record, A Year Of Hibernation with the glimmering, slow burning sounds of "Afternoon", caught between these introverted impulses and a need to share them. This is only the beginning of a slow, clapping build that reaches the paragon of all bedroom pop, seeming important without being grandiose, feeling handcrafted without risking a lack of ambition. These are dreamy anthems for a generation capable of building brilliance in home studios and laptops, both terrified of the outside world and necessarily affecting of it. The band's debut record is out now and they play Glasslands tomorrow night.

Listen :: Youth Lagoon - "Afternoon"

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Anonymous said...

You know I didn't think I would find a song that I liked as well as Cannons, maybe I should be putting more faith in this band.