French Films :: "Pretty In Decadence"

Lead single, "Pretty In Decadence" from French Films' debut record, Imaginary Future, opens with the warmest guitars of 2011. Of the same genus as the Cure's trademarked tumbling post-punk, more recently perverted by bands like the Drums, French Films, actually from Finland, are more unique in their ability to find something new in these old archetypes. The glittering synths and pounding drums of the pre-chorus give way to a heartsick refrain with lyrics about helpless wandering and wanting to, "stay this way, baby". But, this is all semantic, the lyrical references to religion, cable television and hopeless love. You will more likely remember the sunny guitars and the infectious hook in the chorus. With a strong debut record and an excellent first single, French Films seem pleased to operate on these twin levels, catchy pop act with troubling depth beneath the surface.

Listen :: French Films - "Pretty In Decadence"

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