BIGKids :: "Drum In Your Chest"

 Watch out for BIGKids, possibly the next great export from the UK. With infectious and club-ready single, "Drum In Your Chest" and a publicist including clauses in her emails that include, "everything else is under wraps for now" (#humblebrag all around there), you can be certain to hear more from this auspicious act from the other side of the ocean. Sonically, "Drum In Your Chest" is the most fun you'll have on the dance floor this year, the finishing kick full of increasingly glossy vocals, horn squeals lifted from the Salt-N- Pepa catalog and a seemingly endless chorus, "Will you remember to take another breath/when your heart's beating like a drum in your chest." It's enough to leave you, well, breathless. Appropriate comparisons aren't necessarily obvious, but picture the sweaty center between the instrumentation of a TV On The Radio record, mixed with the house overtones that made Kele's "TENDERONI" so satisfying two years ago, only if Moby and Whitetown were manning the production boards. It's a quick pick up, a catch breath from which there can be no recovery. These guys are going to be very big, so inhale deeply before you book your tickets for Webster Hall in the fall of 2012.

Drum In Your Chest [Simon Duffy remix] by BIGkids

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