32ft/second's 2011 Rarities Collection

We hope you enjoyed our week long feature on the Top 50 Songs of 2011.  In addition, we've put together a group of 2011 rarities, songs that you might have missed as the B-side to a single release, a remix, a radio session, a cover, or a live show that ended up in our iTunes this year. We listened to thousands of individual songs in 2011 and occasionally we came across something not everyone got to hear. Some songs are more obvious, things you certainly will have heard in one form or another, and some are deeper cuts. It's like Behind The Music for a blog that already spends its time on music that hardly anyone listens to. After the jump these are those songs:

 32ft/second 2011 Rarities Collection (.zip)

1. The National - "Exile Vilify" (Portal 2 OST)
2. Youth Lagoon - "Goodbye Again" (John Denver cover)
3. The Berlinist - "Not In Love" (Platinum Blonde/Crystal Castles cover)
4. Gaurds - "Taxi Cab" (Vampire Weekend cover)
5. The Vaccines - "We're Happening" (Live in London)
6. Wolf Gang - "Dancing With The Devil" (Acoustic with Kyla La Grange)
7. Bon Iver - "Calgary" (Live in Holyoke, MA)
8. Ezra Koenig - "Papa Hobo" (Paul Simon cover)
9. Oh Land - "Bloodbuzz Ohio" (National cover)
10. Breakneck Speed Can Work - Two Door Tokyo Cinema Club
11. Yuck - Coconut Bible (B-side to "Holing Out" single)
12. The Black Keys - "Everlasting Light" (The Mummers Remix)
13. Freelance Whales - "Hannah" (Lightwaves Remix)
14. LCD Soundsystem - "Live Alone" (Franz Ferdinand cover)
15. El May - "Pleasant Experience" (Small Black cover)
16. Marina and the Diamonds - "Radioactive" (Acoustic)
17. Mr. Little Jeans - "The Suburbs" (Arcade Fire cover)

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