Polica :: "Lay Your Cards Out" (feat. Mike Noyce)

If you know well the distinct pleasure of evading the police in a foreign country, you know well that the first syllable is the critical one. You don't need to know German to know what someone screaming, "Polizei!" means. Likewise, "Policia" means something to you even when, linguistically, it maybe shouldn't. For Polica, a Minneapolis band with a sound that will remind you of a frustrated and sultry Phantogram, this is, perhaps, the point. This is identification done by aesthetic faculties, an instant moment of recognition, something vaguely transcendental. "Lay Your Cards Out" is a tidy little jam with ratatat drums down the stretch and a female vocal built for seduction on lines like, "take a moment, lay your cards out" and such simple axiomatic prescriptions as "get your head right". The arrangement builds and crashes around this vocal, alternately reserved and edgy. The reverb is unsettling, a different cocktail of mood stabilizers than Phantogram but no less interesting. Certainly a band to watch, a bit of menace, immediately recognizable like a siren screaming from a foreign car.

[via] Indie Music Filter