Bowerbirds :: "Tuck The Darkness In"

It could be complicated, you see, not something like these trope-driven Hollywood stories where happiness or misery feel predestined, granted or given. The resolution of your internal disjoints could be a poly-narrative, something irritatingly post-modern, assigned and read in a 300-level Comparative Literature class; something you took to complete your minor in English and never totally enjoyed. But now this is your life. That story within a story, your reading for semiotic forms, your deconstructionism, you are left to reason it out. Bowerbirds, a folk outfit that doesn't always play folk music, suggest embracing even these darkest contradictions. The pseudo-intellectualism that robbed you of your aesthetic sensibilities, you will have to fold it in. The memories of your formative years, alternately dulcet and dark, will have to exist each. "Tuck The Darkness In" aims at exactly this moment, what they call "before the weight was on our shoulders ... before I knew time was such a swindler". Sure, it is death that hangs over all of us, the one lasting architect of narrative that even the most creative artists in the Western tradition couldn't kill. But Bowerbirds live in the moment between aging and getting old, a song that begins in the Andrew Kenny school of hushed folk and ends with a crashing conclusion that should make Fleet Foxes suitably embarrassed about their catalog. The conclusion? Death is upon us in every moment, yes, but even the most inescapable truths can be put aside, or better, brought close like the covers under our chins.

Listen :: Bowerbirds - "Tuck The Darkness In"

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