Bright Moments :: "Tourists"

A session and touring horn player for Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and Beirut, Kelly Pratt releases his latest solo work under the name, Bright Moments, an allusion to our best selves. The album, Natives, and its first single, "Tourists" is amalgamated World Music, horns holding serve along side swaying melodies and a piano chord progression that resolves in such sweet fashion it nearly rots your teeth. This is Pratt at his finest, winking at Zach Condon, slightly un-Balkanized Eastern thematic pop making its way out from under some lazily big ideas (travel, tourism, airplane sound effects, etc) like afternoon sun waiting for a cloud bank to blow away. The whimsical synths won't or can't provide the marching orders, neither can the hand claps or Pratt's lilting falsetto, but the piano progression and the horn intro and exitlude do. This is fresh and buzzes with life, an earnest strike at making it on your own. Pratt's next-to-last lyrics, the potentially pedantic, "Go on, go on" even feel authentic and real. A guy who played with and for everyone else, now plays only for himself, exactly the type of travel we need.

Listen :: Bright Moments - "Tourists"

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