Burning Hearts :: "Burn Burn Burn"

Perhaps being forced by your housemate to listen to Enya unironically for the past three months makes a person susceptible to the voice and melodies of Burning Hearts singer, Jessika Rapo. A Finnish duo turned four-piece, Rapo merges her dulcet voice with the arrhythmiatic key signature changes from drummer, Henry Ojala. "Burn Burn Burn" opens with haunting scarcity, a sparse arrangement and the tripartite repetition of lyrics. The chorus gives way to something else, a building urgency, metaphors about roaming the deserts and forests. Layers upon layers of vocals offer a raging potential energy to the song's final movement, a desire to scream along with Rapo, to turn this up and let it spin wildly out of control. Of course, this is compartmentalized and denied, a dignified brand of austerity that is, frankly, hard to look away from.

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